10 Dresses Week 5! DIY Striped Tank Dress

DIY Striped Tank Dress by Bumbling Panda

Pointy Boots and Striped Dress

looka that belly pooch

Striped Sleeveless Tank Dress with Pointy Boots

Striped Sleeveless Tank Dress with Cross Over Body Bag

Striped Sleeveless Tank Dress with Denim Jacket

Striped Sleeveless tank dress outfit

It’s like my hair wants to be one with the palm trees. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

:: Outfit Details ::

Striped Sleeveless Curved Hem Dress (made by me, tutorial here)
Denim Jacket (I got mine on clearance for $15 at Target, but find similar here and here)
Pointy Toe Chunky Heel Boots ($10 from here)
Cross-Over-Body Clutch ($15 from Ross)

OMG, it’s week 5 already. We’re halfway through this series! I’m excited but also sad at the same time. Remember, if you guys make this dress, PLEASE send me photos. I love to see what other people make from my tutorials–you guys are all so creative and talented. 

Anyway, now on to this DIY striped tank dress. First off, this thing is suuuuuuuper comfy. Like I would wear this to sleep if I could justify it. It’s made of a thin stretchy knit, but since it’s black, I could get away without a lining. The fact that it’s so light makes it perfect for summer. I walked around with Husband in this dress on what felt like a 100-degree day, and it was a life-saver.

Hop on over to YouTube to check out the tutorial, or just watch it below, because I know how lazy everyone is. 🙂 You’re welcome.

Right guys, I was off in St. Diego Land over the weekend, so I have a bit of a vacation-hangover (n., a condition in which a person suffers from not wanting to go back to work after spending a weekend with her husband in a wonderful, far away place).

Dress tutorials for this series will post as per schedule still, but I don’t have a preview. You can check out what’s next on the 10 Dresses in 10 Weeks post, and also see a schedule of the rest in the series. See you on Thursday for my next Outfit on a Budget, and then maybe I’ll have a DIY or a TMI for Friday!