DIY Football Panorama Box + Tickets (Free Template)

DIY Football Box and Tickets by BumblingPanda

For my husband’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with football tickets! If you know me at all, then you probably are surprised that I’m willing to go to a football game, seeing as how I really hate spectating sports (playing them is a different story).

But Hubz is one of those rare humans who never ask for anything and says he already has everything he needs or wants.

(Me on the other hand–my wish list spans for several gigs.)

I thought it would be nice to do something extravagant, so we decided to take a trip to San Diego, and I also got him 3 home USC football tickets, since they’re his favorite team. The thing was that the tickets weren’t set to arrive until two weeks before the game–and those are pretty spaced out throughout the rest of the season. I couldn’t just hand him a print-out of the tickets purchase! So I made this DIY Football Panorama Box and my own tickets to give to him as a surprise. ┬áKeep reading for the tutorial. ­čÖé

DIY Football Box before

I started out with a plain box.

DIY Football Box Step 1

I painted the inside light blue.

DIY Football Box Step 2

DIY Football Box Step 3

I painted the outside brown.

DIY Football Box Step 4

I painted a football stitch grip thingy on top in white (what do you call these things anyway?)


DIY Football Box Step 5

I used green sponges for “AstroTurf” and painted a football field border in white.

DIY USC Football Tickets

I made my own tickets with Word and a barcode generator. Click for the free Word template if you want to make your own. (Sorry I blotted out our seats for obvious safety reasons.)

DIY Football Box and Tickets by BP

Then I painted some envelopes red and “USC” in yellow on the front to hold each ticket.

┬áHere’s the template for the tickets if you guys want to make your own! ::┬áBumbling Panda DIY Football Tickets Template

What do you think?

I surprised him with this during his birthday dinner. See his reaction in our video!