DIY Monkey Pillow Plushie


monkey panda and pig by Bumbling Panda

Click the images for the tutorial!

Monkey and Pig by Bumbling Pnda

Monkey by Bumbling Panda

For this Friday’s how-to, we’re making this cute DIY Monkey Pillow Plushie. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really into making stuffed animals lately. It’s probably due to my recent trip to the San Diego Zoo with hubz for his birthday. 🙂 Keep checking back for my video on the trip. We had such an amazing weekend and got to experience so many things together. Plus, I was super happy with how his surprise gift went down!

This DIY Monkey Pillow Plushie was actually a request from a friend at work. She saw the pig and the panda and decided she wanted her own! I’m not sure why she picked monkey, but I like it!

I feel like Chuck Wendig might appreciate the monkey writer below, what with him being a pen monkey and all.

Monkey Writer by Bumbling Panda


Head to YouTube for the tutorial, click the image, or just watch it below.