Review: Home on the Range by Ruth Logan Herne

So I did not know this book was second in a series, and just picked it at random since I don’t like knowing what books are about before I read them. I did feel a bit lost during references to characters in places in the book that were prominent to the series as a whole but still enjoyed the story.


The children were realistic and not annoying, and their development after what they’d been through was well paced and informative. I’m not a parent but I learned a lot about child psychology in this book.

I liked the cast of characters, including the main ones.

I really felt like I was living in a ranch.

Dakota was the sweetest fictional little girl ever.


I am Christian, and I picked a Christian book to read, but felt like I was getting so much Bible verses shoved down my throat. I felt like they could have been added in a more organic way but sometimes felt forced to the point of cringing.

(spoiler) That weird thing with Nick walking away from Elsa after her meltdown didn’t sit well with me. Yea he had a reason to be angry, but walking away from someone who just had a panic attack is not okay, especially when you were professing your love to her, and telling her nothing she could say would turn you away, literally just a day ago.

The writing style often felt repetitive. There was lots of telling and explaining rather than showing, in addition to all of Elsa’s psychological explanations. It all got kind of tedious. Example, Nick’s internal monologues stated at least 3 or 4 times that he married Whitney to spite his father. And then he has a conversation with his father saying the exact thing. We get it.

It was an overall enjoyable book, full of sexy Cowboys and PG kissing and lots of Bible verses. I would recommend it if you are looking for a clean, cute summer read.