The Green Monster: A Review of You Turn’s Seaweed Mask

Hi there.

I sent that picture to my friend and when she opened it, she actually screamed.

This is a review of You Turn’s Cellulite Reducing Seaweed Mask & Retinol Powder. (Full disclaimer: I received this product at a discount so I can write a completely honest review on it. Also, I totally thought it said YOUR Turn, which would make more sense, but whatever.)

First thing’s first. The instructions are like nonexistent. Okay fine, they’re there, but the writing on the packaging is so faint that it’s like, why even bother at all?

seaweed mask instructions suck

TBF, it does tell you to visit for instructions but…. ¬†AAAAAAAAAAINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Okay, actually I did end up going to their website because I didn’t want to waste my efforts when the formula was provided to me all along. The instructions are pretty clear and detailed. It says to mix 1/4 cup of the seaweed powder with 2-3 tablespoons of oil and some warm water to achieve¬†a mud-like consistency.

Okay…. What kind of oil? Can I use canola? Or vegetable oil? I know I’m being deliberately obtuse here, but it’d be nice if they actually specified. On that note, how much warm water?

Anyway, my skin has been terribly oily and breaking out lately (not sure why, though probably the office supply of chocolate doesn’t help, and I was using this Rimmel pressed powder that looks great but contributed to the breakouts).

So I skipped the oil and used water the first time I tried this mask. And that was…weird, in a word. The “mask” was clumpy and kept falling off in chunks from my face. Gross gross gross. Clean up was a huuuuge pain. Powder everywhere. “Mud” sticking to the side of my sink. Ew.

Learned my lesson, and the second time around, I actually did it right. Although I didn’t exactly follow their instructions because 1/4 cup sounds a bit like too much and you know. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Reading the instructions, I mean. But I have about an hour to put a mask on my face. Priorities.

1 Tablespoon of the Seaweed Powder

So I scooped out about 1 tablespoon of the seaweed powder into a ramekin bowl. When I bought these bowls, I was like YEAH I’M TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE SO MUCH QUICHE AND GOOD THINGS TO BRING TO WORK YAY GO ME!. And then they sat in my cupboard for months and now I’m using them for my beauty routine instead. Go figure.

~ 4 Tablespoons of Water

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

The instructions didn’t specify which type of oil to use, but since coconut oil is like magic, I went for that. Let me tell you, the smell of the coconut oil totally neutralized the disgusting seaweed odor, which had made me want to gag the entire time I wore it on my first attempt. However, it turned out to be too oily and I had to add a bit more powder, so I’d recommend using only half a tablespoon.

I mixed it up and applied to my face with a foundation brush, even though the instructions say to “massage onto face.” It’s a little too messy and, let’s face it, I’m a priss who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. The consistency was so much better with the oil this time, and it actually stayed on my face like a mask instead of like clumps of sand.

What goes down when husband’s not around.

After about thirty minutes, I did suck it up though, and massaged the powder on my face while I washed it off. It is soooo messy. But that’s just something you have to deal with, I guess. The grainy texture of the powder worked great as an exfoliant, and since I used coconut oil, my face was soft and moist enough that I didn’t have to use lotion after. Which is a big plus because my skin has that magical ability of being both oily and prone to breakouts, but also very dry and irritating at the same time.

Even only using slightly more than a tablespoon of the powder, I had half of the mixture left over, so I put it in a Ziploc bag and refrigerated it. I’ll use it again this week and see how that goes. Will update you guys on how my skin is doing with this seaweed mask over the next few weeks!

:: Overall Thoughts ::

4 out of 5
Minus half a point for being so messy
Minus another half point for smelling so gross, uarrrgh
Left my skin smooth, firm, and very refreshed
Noticeable reduction of puffiness and redness, especially around my eyes
Did not burn or hurt or kill me
Seriously, it didn’t tingle or burn like some masks do when I have it on
Takes only 30 minutes

So all in all, I would totally recommend this mask.