Sunset Tree Silhouette Acrylic Painting


I’ve been bit by the painting bug. All I want to do is paint! So I made a tutorial on this lovely sunset tree silhouette acrylic painting. Wow, what a mouthful.

Don’t you love the cute mail organizer? I’ve been searching for one for so long. When I finally saw this one at Marshalls for about $20, my friend was like “Just buy it!” and I was like “Okay!”

See the video tutorial to make your own. It’s super easy!

I’m excited to share this video because I asked my sister, Vy, to make a jingle for my tutorials. She did an amazing job. It’s upbeat and cute, and I love it. Goes perfectly with all my fast-paced how-to’s. I’m trying to convince her to come up with some more. 😉 She has her own YouTube, so check out some of her Vietnamese musical covers.

If you’re feeling lazy though, I’m also selling it on Etsy here. I love my paintings, but I really want to share them, and it’d be awesome to know it’s hanging up in someone’s home for them to smile at when they get home. Also, I have been painting so much! I need to make room for my other creations.

You can see it’s still kind of wet in the next picture:


I’ve got so many new projects coming up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for some more awesome tutorials coming up. Summer is coming, so I’m looking forward to making cute, floral dresses, upfashioned shorts, and beach-y things. Seriously, it’s my favorite season and since I’m back in sunny California now, I can’t wait to sew some lovely summery clothes to complement the weather. Happy creating!