The Minimalist Challenge: Day 1

In November, I’m going to be participating in the Minimalism Challenge. On the first day, I’ll give up one thing, on the second day, I’ll give up 2 things, and so on until on the 31st day, I’ll give up 31 things. I’ll document my progress here so that I’m held accountable for the things I give up–and also so I’ll have a memory of these items.

Letting go can be liberating, but it can also be tough, especially when they’re sentimental objects. But I’m tired of having so much clutter, keeping things in storage that don’t bring me joy and that I wouldn’t even remember about except that they’re taking up space in my room. So here’s to getting rid of things and freeing myself from material bondage.

Baby Cactus

The first thing I’m giving up is my baby cactus. We bought this baby on our writing retreat back in September randomly when we took a break to buy groceries. I loved this thing so much, I couldn’t stop snapping it. But since then, it has been sitting on my counter, unloved and, let’s be honest, dying. Because I can’t take care of plants. I’M LESS NURTURING THAN THE DESERT.

Baby Cactus by Bumbling Panda

Baby Cactus by Bumbling Panda

So goodbye baby cactus. You were loved.