Minimalist Challenge Day 2: Los Cabos Doll Souvenir and Accompanying Mini Sombrero

I’m not sure why my friend gave me this doll since I have a doll phobia and am deathly afraid of inanimate objects that look like humans. Still grateful for the souvenir from Los Cabos! But it’s not bringing me any joy, and actually terrifies me a bit.

Terrifying Doll

The accompanying mini sombrero did not originally accompany the doll. It was on a random tequila bottle at a grocery store, and I loved it so much that the manager there gave it to me without making me buy the tequila. I’ve had it for almost two years, lugged it around, wore it to my first silly hat, tea party book club shindig.

Mini Sombrero

But it’s not bringing me any joy and doesn’t really match the rest of the paraphernalia I have decorating my counters. So off it and the creepy doll goes.

A Refashioned Dress from a Shirt


When I first saw this shirt in its original form, I fell in love with the print and color of the fabric. It was great for fall, especially with the leaf motifs and the colors bleeding into each other like watercolor paints.


Original shirt

The only problem was that the shirt’s cut and design weren’t exactly my style. So I decided to cut it up and add a few extra seams here and there. I came up with a dress that is more suited for me. It’s chic and cute and works great for summer too.

The fabric is light, silky, and comfortable. It is so versatile and easy to wear. I styled it with a belt, but when fall comes around, I can wear it with leggings and a blazer.

It feels great to refashion a shirt that might have gone to waste and be able to change it into something I really love wearing. I love being able to use my creativity to make something that is stylish, while also knowing that I’m saving the environment and dressing responsibly. Instead of going to landfills, the shirt gets a second chance while I add another piece to my wardrobe. Everyone wins. 🙂