Underwater Sea Turtle Acrylic Painting


I told you I’ve been bit by the painting bug! Here’s one of my favorite paintings so far, and I love it so much I don’t even want to part with it, but I’m seriously running out of space. I realize I’ve been doing a lot of silhouette paintings lately, but I love the way the black images pop against a bright color.

Want to make your own? Of course I made a video tutorial:

I mentioned this in the video’s description, but this was inspired by an art class taught by PaintNite. I’ve never attended a PaintNite class before. I just thought the image was cute so I decided to give my own stab at it. I love turtles. I actually had a few growing up. (Unfortunately they all died. I know. Sad face. One of my baby turtles that I bought in China Town still lives with my mom in Georgia. It started off the size of a quarter, and is now the size of her hand! Pretty cool. Yes, I realize the irony of the fact that the only surviving turtle I ever had was one I didn’t raise myself.)

I love that the seafoam/aqua undertones in the painting matches almost perfectly with my mail organizer. I didn’t even do it on purpose! Thus it has earned a permanent spot at the entrance of my home.