What I Did in Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon Skyline

My husband and I visited Portland July 2nd through 5th, so I know this post is super delayed!

Van Hoang


A bunch of photos of me jumping in front of things!

Van Hoang Jumping

Van Jumping

Bumbling Panda Jumping

Bumbling Panda Jumping

I'm Not Jumping Here

Bumbling Panda Jumping

Van Hoang Jumping

Now that I got that out of the way, here’s a re-cap of what we did for the four days we were in Portland, Oregon.

Day 1 in Portland

We landed at about six in the evening, and took a Lyft to our AirBnB. (Our stay with Laurie was amazing, I would highly recommend her place if you also want to visit Portland any time soon.) Since it was still pretty early, we decided to go out for dinner, and headed to downtown. Our first stop was the Oregon Table (which is now closed!). Their burger and chicken curry was good for dinner, but since I hail from Los Angeles the land of diverse foods, to be honest, I didn’t think it beat any standards.

Oregon Table in Portland Oregon


Chicken Curry at Oregon Table

Then we went to Cacao Drink Chocolate for some drinking chocolate. Not hot chocolate. Drinking chocolate. It was pretty delish but I wish the chocolate was a bit more rich and decadent. I was tempted to buy all their things.

Drinking Chocolate at Cacao Drink Chocolate Portland

And of course, when you’re with me, we have to hunt down the nearest bookstore. Can you find a place more perfect than Powell’s Books? There are four stories in this huge building full of books. Books books books!


And like other things.

Powells Books Things

Powells Books

Powells Books

And a coffee shop too.

Day 2 in Portland

We couldn’t miss church, of course, so we took the bus to the nearest church we could find. Along the way, we found a cute little gem, a diner called Tina’s Corner. I loooove breakfast. Brunch is probably my most favorite meal of the day, and the breakfast burritos here were amazing. The portions were ginormous and the coffee was so yum. Props for the great service too.

Tina's Corner

Tina's Corner Omelette



We headed to downtown again to take a free walking tour, which took us all around the downtown area. The guide gave us some pretty cool insights on Portland’s history, and we also got to see the famously hidden Portlandia statue!

Of course, no tour would be complete without a stop at Voodoo Donuts, but as soon as we saw the line, we were like NOPE.

Voodoo Donuts Portland

We headed to the big food court in downtown where we got some food and delicious soft-served ice cream from Salt & Straw. I went there again the next day, it was that good. I hear they’re opening a location in LA, and I’m simultaneously excited but disappointed now that the novelty will wear off.


More ice cream

Ice Cream Salt and Straw

Ice Cream Salt and Straw

Afterward, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservations. Husband and I like to do this thing where we purposefully “get lost” and pretend we’re in a grand adventure novel. So we hopped on a bus and let it take us wherever it wanted.

We ended up in Old Town. The view of the bay was gorgeous.

Old Town

Old Town Portland

Then we had dinner reservations at this cute little, fancy place called Little Bird Bistro. The fried chicken was possibly the fanciest fried chicken I had ever tasted.

Little Bird

Little Bird

Little Bird

Little Bird

Day 3 in Portland

On July Fourth, I had been hoping to go to Pittock Mansion, but was afraid that it’d be closed for the holiday. Luckily for us, it was open. We were going to take the guided tour but then decided to explore on our own. I love history and anything vintage, so this was definitely my favorite part of the trip. The mansion on the hill also provided an amazing view of Portland, so we hung around being silly for a while.



Flower things

Van seeing

Van Hoang Hiking


Van Hoang at Pittock Mansion



I want to stay here forever

Portland View




But then we got hungry. We found a quick place to eat at a Thai restaurant across from the harbor so we could walk across and watch the fireworks.

Thai Food

And then we sat around and waited for it to get dark. Because of Portland doesn’t get dark until very late. We had to wait until well past 10:00 PM before it was dark enough for the fireworks to start. It was totally worth the wait though. We watched a bunch of guys do some pretty cool tricks with a soccer ball. We thought about going to the famous Blues Festival but decided the crowd wasn’t worth it.

Day 4 in Portland

On our last day in Portland, we decided to head to downtown one last time. Also the train from there would take us straight to the airport. We did some last-minute exploring and visited some shops so we could get souvenirs for our friends and coworkers. We finally got to eat breakfast at Tasty & Alder, which was well-worth the hour-long wait.

Tasty n Alder


Another Burger

Cute salt

Then we made a last stop at Stumptown Coffee. The brew was delicious. I’m a huge sucker for latte art.

Latte Art by Stumptown Roasters

We got lost on the way to the airport because I’m not good at navigating public transit. But we made it on time and back home safely!

My thoughts on Portland

My husband and I are scouting possible states or cities we might want to move to after our jaunt in Los Angeles comes to an end. We had been hoping Portland might be our new home. But while I was there, I just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing adventure trip. Learning the culture and history of the area was eye-opening. Also, everyone there is super friendly and very quick to give out compliments. I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit, but for now, our search for our new home continues!

The Search Continues